Requirements in 'Pooja' after Marriage

The pooja to be performed by 'husband and wife' after MARRIAGE at Bhurakhia require the following
  Offerings required Quantity
1 Coins Rs. 1.25/-
2 Shreefal (Dry Coconut) 2 (To be offered by groom and bride)
3 Flour (Wheat) Five and a quarter 'sher'
4 Oil Five and a quarter 'sher'
5 Jaggery Small quantity


The material required for the above rites can be organised by the manager's office at Bhurakhia.
Different families do make changes in the rites and are allowed to follow their family accepted methods and aticles.
Some of these could be as below:
  • The floor mixture may be roasted or fried
  • Sugar may be used in place of jaggery
  • The thali for the lord can be made in keeping with the need
  • The weigh measure can be kilograms in place of 'sher'
  • Jai Bhurakhia Hanuman Dada