The Saga of Lord Bhurakhiya Hanuman
'Bhurakhiya Hanuman Pragatya Mahima'

In the period of the Hindu calendar (Vikram Savvant) of 1642 Shri Damodardasji was a renowned saint He was the disciple of Shri Raghuvirdasji who was very famous and ascended from Shri Ramanadaji Lineage. Shri Damodardasji was very famous for his preachings and Ramayana kathas. He was particularly famous for his oratory in Tulsikrit Ramayana.

During his religious journeys, on one occasion he came to Virangaum. Here he had a dream. He realised that he had the ‘Darshan’ of Lord Hanuman. The Lord gave a message to the saint that he would make an appearance on the full moon night in the month of Chaitra, at the midnight. He would appear from out of a cluster of Babool trees on a small hillock in the jungle at a place between Sabhad (now known as Damnagar) and Lathi.

Shri Damodardasji felt very blessedand he went to the place indicated by the Lord. Once he reached the place, he talked to the local people of his dream. The locals comprised of farmers, traders and labourers The story of the saint’s grand dream soon spread wide and far and people started thronging in thousands near the place.

On the full moon night of chaitra in the year 1642 (Vikram savvant), in the presence of thousands of believers, at the of midnight, there was a huge lightning and amidst divine halo, the hillock with babul trees disappeared, the land almost levelled up on its own and at that place, the Lord appeared. He appeared as though he was smeared with sindoor all over, and gave darshan to those who were present.

Saint Damodardasji and the others offered sastang pranam, bathed the Lord with water from five rivers and put garlands of akda flowers. People prayed there for several days. Aartis and poojas were performed for days. The saint thought of name “Bhurakhia” to signify that the Lord will protect and prosper (rakshya) the land (Bhu) around and its people. Over the passage of time Bhurakshya popularly became Bhurakhia. The Lord was affectionately called “Bhurakhiadada” and "Bhurakhiahanuman”.

Today, after four hundred years of the appearance of the Lord, we have millions of believers in various parts of the country and outside who follow and pray the Lord and seek his blessings. What was a small temple earlier has now become a large complex with a large shrine in the centre and lodging and boarding facilities around it thousand of devotees visit the temple regularly and particularly on Chaitri poonam day as well as on Saturdays and Tuesday, every week.

Jai Bhurakhia Hanuman Dada